About Rachel

Well, here are the basics: I am from Cincinnati OH, where my family is currently. After 12 years of Catholic education (if you know the city this will not surprise you), 4 years in a small undergrad in Indiana, a brief stint touring, 1 year as a stage management intern at a Tony Award winning theater, a few seasons of summer stock, 2 years touring Ohio performing for schoolchildren, and some definite time waiting tables… I made the leap into graduate school! I graduated with my MFA in Acting from Ohio University in May of 2015! It was an amazing 3 years of learning, challenging myself, and a lot of personal growth.

Following grad school, I moved home to be with my family for some pretty impressive life events. My baby sister, Meredith, got married in July. And then our middle sister, Kate, had her first child in September. It was a very big year for the Mock family!

In January of 2016, I picked up and moved to Chicago. Yup! I moved to the Windy City in the middle of winter. Don’t worry, it turned out alright! Almost two years later, I have a full time job in the loop that supports me while I pursue my acting career in the many storefront theaters all over this amazing city!

Other random facts, just for fun:
– I love to sleep. No, really… *love* to sleep.
– I’ve learned to crochet, and find it incredibly relaxing. Scarves only so far! Next up… branching out from the rectangle shapes! And maybe learning some knitting.
– Thunderstorms, tea, and a good book = a little slice of heaven.
– Tea. All of the tea please.
– Cooking is great fun! It’s much easier for a larger group than just for myself….
– Cats are my favorite pet animal. I’ll pass on the puppies, thanks though.
– I’ve been practicing stage combat for over a decade now, and it still surprises me that it’s been that long – but I have loved every second.