Fellow Artists

I spent 3 years with some AMAZING artists – my Tantrum. Fun fact: a group of Bobcats is called a Tantrum. I would like to introduce you to my studio:



Abraham Adams: http://abrahammadams.com/

Lisa Bol: http://lisabol.com/

Kat Bramley: http://www.katbramley.com/

Thomas Daniels: http://www.thomasrdaniels.com/

Jared Davis: http://jaredwdavis.com/

Mbali Guliwe: http://mbaliguliwe.com/

Alycia Kunkle: http://www.thatgingergirl.net/

Alex Nicosia: http://alexnicosia.com/

Emilio Tirri: http://emiliotirri.com/


Some brilliant artists I’ve met through other theatrical wanderings are here. If you ever have the chance to see them, I would highly recommend it. Enjoy!

Drew the Fool: http://www.dramaticfool.com/

The Coldharts: http://www.thecoldharts.com/

David Gaines: http://www.davidgainesperformance.com/   [If you have the opportunity to see David perform, do yourself that favor. You won’t regret it!]

Hit the Lights, Dad Theatre Co.: http://www.dungeonprojecttheater.com/

Brick Monkey Theatre Ensemble: http://brickmonkey.org/    [Also my professors from OU!]